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Chester Market
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Chester Market at the heart of the City Chester Market Chartered 1208 AD

Chester Markets Web Site is sponsored by
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Indoor Public Market
Chester since the 12th Century, its roots steeped in history from Early Roman Times

Chester Town Hall

behind the Town Hall

6 Princess Street
CH1 2HH ?

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The old Chester Market Hall which has since been demolished
Click on the above picture of Ye Olde Chester Market for information on the history and origin of markets

Chester Market
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Welcome to Chester Market

Over 70 shops with over a 100 experts happy to help you and waiting to serve you...

Chester Market Parking Don't forget FREE parking in Chester Market Car Park after 3pm

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Chester Market used to be situated on Northgate Street next to the Town Hall, where it traded for over 100 years before moving to the current  site in Princess Street in 1967. The lively city of Chester, is steeped in history and, and has been attracting shoppers looking for bargains for thousands of years.

The earliest mention of Chester Market was in 1139, when the first shopping charter was  issued in 1208 and 'the men of Chester and heirs'  were granted the privilege of sole selling rights, except  the annual fairs which were fair game for all-comers.

Henry III confirmed this in 1239 and so it remained right up to until the Great Charter 1506, which gave Chester its first mayor. With a sharp eye for business, the local boys wasted no time in expanding shopping opportunities to include coal and cattle markets among other enterprises. The  famous Rows were originally named after the trading that went on. There was a Shoemakers, Cooks and Ironmongers Row - and a Pepper Alley and Fish Shambles. Then came Linen Hall, the Fruit, Root & Herb Market...indeed Chester sold practically every thing!

The horse, cloth and cheese fairs of old were to be the natural forerunners of today's magnificent array of shops, not forgetting the bustling town centre market, which has continued for centuries, by order of king and queen.

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